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About EdBeCo

EdBeCo, Education and Behavior Consulting, Inc. has been providing education and behavior intervention services to Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware County since the Year 2000.

We pride ourselves on serving the Whole Child and supporting families to help their child reach their full potential. Some of our services include: School Age Services, Tutoring Services, Classroom Support, and Functional Behavior Assessments.

Our Philosophy

A child cannot be broken down into separate components. He is
the sum of his sensory experiences, his learning style, his strengths/needs and interests. He is part of a family and culture
with its own set of unique circumstances and values.

We place the child at the center of our programs. A curriculum is individually developed around your child's unique profile.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provides a framework within which to understand these diverse elements and provides a method for organizing and delivering effective education and behavior programs.

ABA's individualized, systematic approach to teaching new behaviors and skills provides a framework for structuring the learning experience.

In addition to ABA, EdBeCo's philosophy also includes a broader perspective when developing programs aimed at reaching the Whole Child. Our programs often include developmentally appropriate practices, the use of play-based strategies, sensory programs, and communication systems.

Customized teaching plans, frequent progress monitoring, and parental involvement ensure programs are designed for successful growth and learning.

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